Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Death Penalty Doesn't Exist In Canada! Bull Shit!! It's Alive and Well on Parliament Hill

The Death Penalty Doesn't Exist In Canada! Bull Shit!! It's Alive and Well on Parliament Hill

If anyone tells you that Canada does not have a death penalty - DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! Because we most certainly do. Right now there are at least 75,000 people with MS on Death Row, Oh, it's true, we are not behind barbed wire and bars all day. And there is no specific date for us to leave this earth but we are on a death watch nonetheless.

Our shackles are not made of steel. They are formed in our brains, a result of bad blood if you will. Blood that should flow through the body and be cleansed but isn't. All the crud it has picked up on it's trip to the brain, finds it's way to the bottom like silt in flowing water and leaves itself piling up in the brain. Like any other biologically active,  chemically active deposits, it damages the spot where it land. In people the damage is referred to as lesions on the brain and the damage is to the most vulnerable thing it hits - the nerves and nerve endings. We get symptoms such as loss of balance, loss of cognitive abilities, loss of energy, and inability to see properly, an inability to breathe properly, an inability to swallow properly. In short, we end up like human vegetables unable to control anything until we die. If that is not a death sentence, then nothing is.

And it is absolutely counter to any rule put forth by the United Nations or The Human Rights Commission. I would guess that the Human Rights Commission would call knowingly allowing this to happen to be Cruel and Unusual Punishment. Whether they just have not heard that this is happening in Canada or whether this is just one of those things that is found to be totally unbelievable about Canada is anyone's guess. I mean, Isn't Canada the country that gave us Peace Keepers to help save lives? Isn't Canada the country that gave us Insulin and saved untold diabetic lives all these many decades? Is it possible that Canada has sunk this low??

Well yes! It is! Still Canada, with the blessings of the Conservative Government, has done just that. Leona Aglukkaq, the Federal Minister of Health, did what she obviously thought was right. She went to the MS Society and it's neurologists, because she knows absolutely nothing about MS. And there she stopped. Big mistake! Had she done even a wee bit of research herself, she would have wondered what was being done with all that donated money. She'd have found out pretty quickly that it was not going towards anything useful, not even the few bucks, relatively speaking, that was ear-marked for MS research. Being that this is an issue that affects a lot of people, you would at least think she would get a second opinion from a totally different group. But she didn't or if she did, she chose to ignore it. Reminds me of Texas. The Thin Blue Line. And tunnel vision of those in power to play with a man's life for nothing more than corruption of the system. A film that successfully argued that a man was wrongly convicted for murder by a corrupt justice system in Dallas County, Texas. The question is, "Who is going to argue our case of being wrongfully given a death sentence?"

It isn't our Conservative Government. Apparently the drug companies, bragging about their huge stock incomes have the corporate-thinking heads of government all wrapped up. Between the Oda Affair, the In and Out Affair, the Discrimination Against MSers Affair, The Harper Government Letterhead Affair and on and on, the Conservatives have destroyed all and any hope for a democratic Canada under them. They have totally destroyed any trust I had in them. The Liberals - well no new major scandals as they are not in any position of power but what the hell have they done to earn my trust. Well one exception - Kisty Duncan.The N.D.P.? Same questions. Answer - Nothing. So that is one out of three hundred and five I think it is,and she is not in my riding.

That lack of trust, by the way, is not a Conservative Party thing - it is an all encompassing thing. If it was not, the various parties would be talking about what they would do for us - Canadians. Some how being able to make a citizen's arrest does not seem all that important to me. In 65 years I have never even wanted or needed to. What good is it to me now? I have MS. The fatigue is so bad, I do not get out of the apartment. A citizen's arrest by a lame MSer is going to put a crook breaking in here on the floor in gales of laughter but not much else. Having rifles? What the Sam hell do most of us need rifles for? Surely some small changes in the law will keep the law but make it more useful to those few who need to have a rifle. I do have to say, that I grew up on a farm and there never was a need there just because we were farmers. The N.D.P. have come out with something useful - better Medicare but they were careful not to step on any corporate toes by adding, in a manner of speaking, not for MSers. The Green Party? Well so far she has my consideration. Perhaps it is the way journalists are covering the election but I have seen no hate literature from that corner. She has a platform ... well sort of. And it is vague enough to  keep my interest but not not strong enough to guarantee my vote.

Well that lays waste to hoping for help from Federal politics. Who is next?  The Big "Charitable" Organizations like the MS Society. Well gee whiz! They are not in the business of charity after all. They are in bed with the corporate drug companies. So write them off the list. Lord knows, anything we write gets taken off their sites post haste and not just in Canada. They like to do that in the USA and Great Britain too. Go figure! A Multiple Sclerosis Society that doesn't want to hear from people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Maybe the Provincial Governments?  Don't hold your breath! Most of them look to the Feds and big corporations for income.

Looks like I am in trouble with a bunch of people. I said in a blog, that I think the Conservatives have given me a death penalty and I would not vote for them. And I won't. One lady took offense. She  declared that MS bogs were for talking about MS and politics should not enter into it. Really! If it were not for politics, we would all be treated and treated on our Medicare. Then she told me she would have me banned. Again, Really! It is not her site for starters and it is such a bully tactic. So bloody Conservative. Then another lady came on and told me I was entitled to my opinion, Canada being a free country and all, but she was voting Conservative.She was on my friends list so I was a bit taken aback. She took offense also to my calling the Conservatives the people who had given me a death sentence. And I should not say that. Now let's see. She does not have MS. Her son does. So she is only guessing what it is like. She took him out of the country for treatment so she could afford it and boy did she win the jackpot. I'll bet her son is not as much work as he used to be.  How nice for her but she is still going to approve my death warrant and thousands of others death warrants by putting her X beside a Conservative name on her ballot.Trouble with all of this, is that I find it hard to believe she is a selfish, hate filled person. Right or wrong,I am writing it off to political  naivety. So if you are reading this and you are getting angry because you are planning to vote Conservative, Tough! You put your X there and you are just as guilty as the jerks on the Hill making these decisions. They think they are making them with your blessing. Think before you leap into bed with them. Your X beside their name is your blessing for everything they do, including leaving 75,000 Canadians to die in misery.

I used to be a pretty good typist - back in the days when my fingers hit the keys I told them to hit. This little rant took 2 days to type up. So I am off to bed. God willing, I'll die before morning. I do not want to put in any more days like these past few weeks. If you can afford the treatment, go and get it! Do not delay. You do not want to get where I am right now. Please do not write me. I am an atheist so the God stuff doesn't fizz on me. Don't tell me life is sweet cause it isn't and don't assume that because I wish I were dead that I have the courage or strength to act on it. That would make an
ASS of U and ME. But do write your MP, your MPP, the College of Physicians and Surgeons, the newspapers, the TV stations. Write everyone. :o)