Friday, December 24, 2010

Happiness is......................

December 24, 2010

Happiness is......................

Vascular Angioplasty !

Well it's not here in Canada yet but it is available to those who can afford to leave the country to get it, and I really and truly think it will be here soon. This has been the most interesting and hope filled year in a good many for me and I am sure for a good many other MSers.

There were days when there was not much point in even getting up but since CTVs W-5 show last year with Dr. Zamboni I have had the best motivation to get up - the need to fight and get this made available here in Canada. In the meantime I have learned a lot about the condition and about the treatments, both good, bad and indifferent. I have found enzyme therapy for myself that is working for me and I rather think that a combination of angioplasty and enzyme therapy might end up a good working combination. But enzymes do not need to be fought for - they are out there. Vascular angioplasty, unfortunately does need to be fought for.


I started taking these about a month ago. And I had a side effect I could live without – an over active sinus! I sneezed 24/7 and I dripped enough to launch the Queen Mary!  SO……………………..I wrote the company about my side effect - it is rare according to them and in fact, no one I know who has tried them - 3 people so far, have not had this problem. So I am back on them taking a antihistamine at the same time and doing fine. I am going out tomorrow (to a friends for Christmas) without my walker - just taking my cane which I am bringing out of retirement. My energy level must be higher - I have gotten a good deal more done than I used to. Energy level is perhaps harder to notice until after you have done something. I do not feel energetic but I also do not feel so worn out so fast either.
 It has been years since I have said, "I'm starving".  I am never hungry and eat because it is the polite thing to do when visiting or once a day because if I don't I will starve to death. Today when I got up I was starving like in the good old days. Another of those things I never really gave much thought to.

I had most of my nose removed when I had cancer there. After the operation I figured I could not smell because they had removed all the smell sensors. Lately, I find myself noticing smells - like I got on an elevator after someone who was wearing Old Spice and I could smell it. Amazing and totally unassociated with MS. Perhaps if I can smell food cooking again, I will be hungry more often??

I have been self catheterizing for over a year because I could not squeeze  even a drop. Now I am getting back to normal with my bladder. Not there yet but getting there and do not catheterize as often any more.

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome. Then I was told it wasn't that - it was MS. Doesn't matter what it was because "was" is the right tense to be using. That is all working absolutely normally again. THANK GOD!

The cog fog is still showing it's ugly face - some days worse than others. I still get headaches but no where near as many. The balance is still off but definitely getting better at least for short jaunts. I still dare not turn around in a hurry or I end up face down on the ground. The fatigue is still around but no where near as bad a it has been. I feel the blood flowing through my useless right hand and it is now warm to the touch instead of icy cold all the time. Unfortunately, I still cannot feel what I am holding so still drop tings when my concentration is broken.

 It is too bad that it is impossible to get an ultrasound on my vascular system - I wonder if I have blocked veins and if I do, are these enzymes are helping clear them up? Perhaps they could replace the blood thinners being given to angioplasty patients. Perhaps angioplasty can be reserved for only the worst cases of blocked veins? Perhaps if they are taken post angioplasty, they would cut down or maybe cut out the need for redoing the procedure? I guess we'll never know cause I can't get the ultrasound.

 Anyway, I have been on them only about a month and I am quite happy with the results. This in itself is quite a statement to be reading from me - I was a bit of a skeptic when I first got them!

 Tomorrow is Christmas so I wish everyone here a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

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Have a Happy!!
Karen - MS dragon Slayer

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