Saturday, February 19, 2011

Now They Know!

February 19, 2011

Now They Know!

While wandering around on Facebook this morning, I found an article on Tysabri.

To say it made me mad is a huge example of understatement. It made me furious! So furious that I sent the following letter to the two women in my life who have the power to do something but who do nothing. Sent a cc to my on MP also.  Here it is:

    NEW YORK (Dow Jones)--Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB) disclosed 10 more cases of a rare brain infection among multiple sclerosis patients taking Tysabri, a medication it sells with Elan Corp. (ELN, ELN.DB), bringing the total number of affected patients to 95 as of Feb. 2.

    The Weston, Mass., biotech company reported that four more of those patients have died, bringing the total to 20.

Are you two ladies still listening to your "Experts"?  If you are, I hope the family of the next Canadian that dies because they were treated with Tysabri on the advise of your experts sues you and your party and your useless experts and the pharmaceutical company. In fact I hope the families of anyone who has ever died from taking this "safe" drug sues you. Ms. Matthews, I know you are only responsible for things that happen in Ontario but I include you because the odds of an MSer in Ontario dying from this legalized drug pushing is quite high due to the number of people you represent here (and because you and Leona appear to have the same standard letter writer). There is a precedent for suing the government. Mr Mulroney did quite well doing it didn't he? And his case was a tad questionable. Ours is not so questionable I don't think.

Knowingly prescribing a lethal drug - Hmmm I would think there is a case for the homicide division of the RCMP here, don't you think. It should not be that hard for them to find a money connection for a motivating factor.

Are your experts telling you that tysabri is safer than Vascular angioplasty? Come on, girls. You both cannot be this brainwashed or is this just stupidity? We voters do expect you elected representatives to use your own heads.

One other thing - Have you noticed there is a total lack of respect here? That is because it is impossible to have any respect for people, especially fellow females (We female voters do expect more heart and less greed or stupidity as the case may be, from females), who have upheld my death sentence by MS. You insult my intelligence. You treat me and my fellow MSers with a total lack of respect. Be happy Leona that I call you Leona. The only other option for me is to call you The Dishonourable Minister.

I think it is time for me to go have a little daydream. My favourite day dream? Why it is where you two ladies find yourself suffering from MS and find yourselves broke from all the law suits and stuck having to live with your own rulings.

I have sent you the news item. Do not say "I didn't know."


Karen Copeland

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