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February 6, 2011
You know something is good when people start to imitate it! Including medical procedures , I suppose. But if you are an MS patient looking for a place to get the vascular angioplasty treatment, do your homework! There is, at least one outfit misusing the name of a good, reputable doctor. I have copied this from Facebook for you.
Edit: I received a letter from one of Dr.McGuckin's patients about this. That letter and the response are below the Facebook item. Please read them also before you decide where to go if you have not already decided.

Dr Michael Arata is NOT operating out of VAC Locations for CCSVI
by Michelle Walsh on Sunday, February 6, 2011 at 6:28am

 "Sadly, Dr McGuckin is disingenuously using my name to garner ccsvi patients. I do not operate out of a VAC facility. Additionally, I have not trained any of the VAC physicians including Dr McGuckin.

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Michael Arata MD

Pacific Interventionalists "

This is a BAD misconception that Dr Arata is working out of the Vascular Access Centers across USA with Dr James McGuckin and this is a falsehood. Dr McGuckin has said this on his website at VAC to get CCSVI patients in his door. Says alot to me about his lack of integrity when you have to steal or use another very reputable doctors's name to get patients through your doors.

 Keep spreading this around so we can put an end to this misconception please:-)

Thank you everyone,

Michelle Walsh
 The Letter:
I am pissed that this is being brought over from the CCSVI Seattle page. In a nutshell - Dr. McGuckin from VAC has Dr. Arata listed on his site as a doc associated with his clinic - he has several clinics around the country. Dr. Arata first said he wants his name down as he has nothing to do with VAC. Dr. McGuckin said Arata was at his Downey CA clinic. Dr. Arata came back saying he has left and went to a clinic that has state-of-art equipment, blah blah blah. Insinuating his new clinic is better. SO he was with VAC and left? They were in talks that went bad? I don't know the story, and neither does dragon slayer who is trying to slam Dr. McGuckin. Sounds like an ego battle to me, and frankly I'm not interested in seeing dirty laundry aired. I personally know people who have been treated by both to utmost success. I saw them both speak at a CCSVI Seattle meeting, they both know their stuff, I feel completely comfortable seeing Dr. M in Seattle, and don't like this internet war that has started. It's childish.

The Response: 
I was going to take this off (and I may still do that later) but I think with your response, Lori, the situation now has both sides of the argument which is probably a fair way to deal with it at present. I copied this from a Facebook site I belong to and I know it has gotten copied many times.  Doctors advertizing themselves on the Internet should follow the same rules that everyone else is required to follow. Misrepresentation is against the rules of advertizing. That does not make him a bad doctor but it does make him a person who is playing with fire.

I would rather think one or both of the doctors will put up a retraction or something along those lines.If that happens and you see it before I do, let me know and I will post that too. I hope they do it soon. We need all the good and trained in vascular angioplasty doctors we can get.

The other issue I would like my Canadian readers to work on is getting signatures (Canadian) for the petition going to the Quebec Legislature. This is definitely a place to put aside political prejudices and language prejudices!  Please get over there and vote. English translations are available at the January 26th, 2011 edition of this blog.

Canadian names have weight. Quebec names have more weight as they are going to the Quebec Legislature. Unfortunately, non MSers often do not know anything about our fight so if you know anyone not presently involved, please spread the word. Encourage everyone to sign. If you know anyone in Quebec, be sure to get them to sign too. This fight is about what is good for MSers. A win in any other province or territory is a win for us - pwMS - and one step closer to getting the procedure accepted in your province or territory.
The URL is

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