Monday, August 1, 2011

And yet another point of view

The letter in black are those of the MS Society. The letters in Blue (along with the air in my apartment) are mine.  Here goes:

Our vision is a bold one. Oh! Really! Well Bold means fearless and daring. The only thing you have been fearless and daring about is scamming Canadians out of their money for bogus research and threatening other doctors into silence for fear of losing their licences. Wow! Impressive -- NOT! It builds on the tremendous successes What successes? Name one! of the
last decade and from it, the strong momentum we have as we embark
upon the future.
By 2015, answers to the fundamental questions of the cause and
prevention of multiple sclerosis will be found. No you won't! It has to do with blood flow - already figured out. And there is not a set of balls among you and that is what it will take to stand up in front of the world and say you are wrong. As long as you continue to stay in your 19th century time warp, you will never, ever find a prevention. There IS a treatment and you have put up every roadblock you can to keep it out. This is not the medicine of our great Canadian doctors of the past like Wilder Penfield or Dr. Norman Bethune. In fact, it has more similarities to the methods of one very infamous Dr. Josef Mengele.  Early treatments for
repair of the nervous system Blood flow! Blood Flow! and to recover lost functions in people
with MS will be available and accessible.They already are - it's called venoplasty!  These advances will be meaningful to the quality of life of people affected by MS. I'll be long dead waiting  
Canada will be the world’s premier destination for the training and
retention of young MS researchers. Not in this millenium! Collaboration among researchers
will be strengthened and accelerated.  Sorry but it is impossible to strengthen what does not exist in the first place.

People affected by multiple sclerosis will be fully integrated in all
aspects of life and will be meaningfully engaged in shaping the work
of the Society. Does this mean you will finally view us as people? Real people?? WOW! How big of you. They will have access to client-centred, consistently
evaluated, and continuously improved programs and services that will
enable them to achieve the highest possible quality of life while living
with the daily challenges that MS presents. Any chance you could tell me why this is not offered now? You have taken in millions over the last half decade and we still have to wait until 2015? You are insane!!

Canadians and their governments at all levels will be aware and
responsive in advancing the priorities and improving the lives of those
affected by multiple sclerosis. And they are waiting for what??
The MS Society will be a transparent and accountable organization. For the first time ever! That will be a nice change!
Through collaboration and with the commitment of volunteers,  (Collaboration -interesting choice of words! And this is the second time you have used it! A psychologist would find that telling, I think! One of the definitions is so fitting in my opinion. It's the one that goes "Act of cooperating traitorously with an enemy that is occupying your country". Neuros maybe?)
employees and partners, we will successfully implement the strategic
directions that we have developed together. How about sharing them now in 2011?
Join us to end MS. Be a part of Momentum 2015! I don't think so. I will be dead by then and hopefully so will that MS Society

The words in black above are from The words in blue are mine and are my opinion .

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  1. Karen,

    I agree with you 100%. When my brother was getting a PhD in biomedical engineering (cancer research), his office was in the middle of a hospital where all around him were cancer researchers. After a few years of being immersed in their culture, he said he felt disgusted because they had a vested interest in NOT finding a cure for cancer. After all, their career would be over. So once my brother got his PhD he left the field forever.

    Think of all the Terry Fox runs there have been. And all the other fundraisers for cancer research. Has anybody ever attempted to add up all the money that's been raised? And what is there to show for it?