Monday, August 1, 2011

Scooter Poster

Q. How Does The Canadian Government  Defeat the “No Death Penalty Law?

  1. They let sick people die by refusing them available treatment.

Approximately 75,000 Canadians with MS are being allowed to die without treatment.
Venoplasty is a viable treatment against the symptoms. It is used in Canada everyday – just not on MS Patients or people with CCSVI. Their drugs often kill us faster and more cruelly and YOU pay for them!

Call your M.P. and your M.P.P. and complain. Venoplasty not only works for most; it is only a fraction of the price.

In South Ottawa call your MPP, Dalton McGuinty at Tel: (613) 736-9573
In South Ottawa call your MP, David McGuinty at Tel: (613) 990-8640

If you allow them to discriminate  against us, it will be just a matter of time before they discriminate against you!

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