Monday, March 21, 2011

"It's premature to do that."

Today the ran an interview with Deb Matthews. 

Below is my response to Ms. Matthews

On the subject of MS, that is the big story in alternative care. Why isn't the province doing clinical testing to see if the procedure can be done safely and in Ontario?

"It's premature to do that."

If we die prematurely,from not getting 'premature' but required medical help, are you going to plead guilty to manslaughter?  I feel my life going down the tubes daily because you will not act like a responsible and thinking Minister of Health. Think about that. And if you think you will walk away unscathed, think about your counterpart in Nova Scotia who is being called a murderer all over the internet. And she is a murderer in my opinion. She could have seen that Mr. Peart got the medical attention he needed instead of listening to a bunch of pill pushers in white coats. You politicians did not put this stupid spin on heart transplants when was experimental. Why are you doing this to us?

Venoplasty is not even a new procedure. It is done every day in Canada for kidney patients.There is only one explanation that makes sense - The drug companies are influencing your thinking. Whether that means you don't think because you take drugs or because you are being paid off is all we have to find out. And we will find out.

Your "expert" team of doctors are expert at nothing - if they were, they'd have figured this out years ago - the research on this is over a hundred years old. What they, your team of "experts", figured out years ago was how to scam people with the government's help - I do believe that is call complicity in a court of law. If I were the only angry person, you could probably trash this and forget about it. But I am just one of a growing group who are not so willing to become sacrifices to the greed of a bunch of thieves.

If you want real experts, why not talk to MSers. We are the only 'experts' on MS. Your "experts" do not know what causes MS and they have been batting zero when it comes to a cure or a viable treatment. They do not feel confident in treating us but there are a lot of doctors with venoplasty experience who are more than willing to learn and are only held back by you and your threats against their medical licenses. It has nothing to do with lack of confidence in the hands of the correct doctors. They don't even get the diagnosis right - many MSers have found out on their own nickle that the do not have MS at all but Lyme Disease. There is a viable treatment for Lyme and there is a viable treatment for CCSVI which is, if not the cause, it certainly is a symptom, of MS.

People do not die from cataracts or hip or knee surgery. People do die from MS. "We have very high quality standards here in Canada"  Maybe for people with cataracts but definitely not for people who have MS. We have quacks and pill pushers ($4,000.00 per treatment for gilenya - is it laced with gold dust?) leading the government around by the nose. Are you going to wait until people start calling you a killer or are you going to stop sitting on your hands and start saving our lives and your reputation?

You can fool all of the people some of the time; you can fool some of the people all of the time, but you are fooling less and less people on the subject of MS so stop trying. I guarantee you, it will come back and bite you.

I am guessing a real response from you is not going to happen being as you are a politician first and a woman and human being last. But I do live in hope.


Karen Copeland

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