Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tell Him NO

 Tell Him NO!

Today in my email I received the following from the Liberal Party. I watched the videos mentioned. My response is at the bottom.

Karen --

Watch the ads and make a donationAround the world, people are fighting for their democratic rights. Here in Canada, we can’t afford to take them for granted.

That’s why, for weeks now, we’ve warned Canadians that we have a Prime Minister who attacks our democratic institutions and has lost touch with the priorities of middle-class families.

Liberals are fighting back. We’re standing up for democracy in Canada.

In the next 24 hours, two new Liberal TV ads will hit the airwaves.

(Click here to watch the ads and please make a donation to keep them on the air.)

These ads are tough, and that’s exactly what Canadians need us to be.

“Abuse of power” reminds Canadians how Stephen Harper has gone too far and thinks he’s above the law.

And “Economy” speaks to Canadian families who’ve been forgotten by Stephen Harper – and makes the case that the government’s priorities need to change.

I’m proud to defend our values as Canadians and fight vigorously for what we believe in.

Take concrete action now. With an election a real possibility — and soon — it’s time to fight back against the Harper regime.

Political donations entitle you to a tax credit of up to 75 per cent, which means the after-tax net cost of a $100 donation could be as little as $25. That’s real power to affect change at your fingertips.

Donate $100 today — or whatever you can afford — to keep these ads on the air and stand by my side in our fight to defend democracy in Canada.

Thank you.

Michael Ignatieff

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To contact the Liberal Party of Canada, please reply to this email. Our mailing address: 81 Metcalfe street, suite 600 Ottawa ON K1P 6M8.

Had I not written several letters about the Conservatives attitude towards us, my attitude might have been different. But I did and I am most annoyed that I (we) have been ignored. so I wrote back:
You did not even mention how he (Harper) is refusing Canadians with MS any viable medical aid at all. Canadians with MS are dying. Looks like you don't care either.  Sorry. I cannot donate to this.
Karen Copeland.
Even if you did not get the email, regardless of who you vote for, let the Liberals know that our fight should be part of the outcry and not swept under the carpet by the opposition  like it apparently is. The return address to this email is Michael Ignatieff <>
Further info for you:

Video Bill Code to Parliament March 10, 2011

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