Saturday, March 19, 2011

Letter to my MP, Mr. McGuinty

Letter to my MP, Mr. McGuinty

The heading was simply, Bill Peart passed away this morning

Who is Bill Peart, you ask. Bill Peart was a Son, a Husband, A Father, a Friend and a man with MS. The Government of Canada effectively killed him. Harper's puppet, Leona, made it impossible for Canadian MSers to be treated in Canada. Maureen MacDonald, NDP Minister of Health in Nova Scotia declined a request to help him get treated at home and the rest of you, except for Kirsty Duncan sat on your hands and babbled on about ethics??? and money. Canadian's Health and Canadian lives are obviously unimportant to you.

Ethics is something none of you seem to understand even the basics of. Money does not vote though it would not surprise me even a little bit to find out that any or all of you use it to buy votes. If you think all these scandals surrounding the Conservatives are helping you, the Opposition out, they really are not. Not one of you will get up and say, "Enough is enough" or 'the Canadian people's lives are more important than money.' Clearly, the last breakfast that you were invited to to hear about CCSVI but didn't attend was not important enough to say, 'sorry, I have a meeting about lives to attend and it is more important.'

So here is lesson 1 in ethics. It means Motivation based on ideas of right and wrong. It is wrong to let people die when there is help out there that will help them live. It is wrong to know there are people in need, that it is in your power to at least try to help but you don't.

For God's sake, Mr. McGuinty, would you get off your wishy-washy duff dust off your ethics  and yell that something needs to be done. Would you keep yelling until something is done.Or did I really help elect a gutless wonder into power? It won't happen again. Things have got to change. Citizens have got to start being important.
Bill Peart died this morning. Leona and Maureen held the weapon but your silence makes you culpable too.

Bill Peart passed away today. He died partly because of his physical condition but mostly due to negligence on the part of the Nova Scotian and Canadian Governments. My condolences to his family. A pox on the Nova Scotian and Canadian Governments.
Maureen MacDonald, Minister of Health for Nova Scotia, declined when asked to step in and get Bill treatment at home after it became too late for him to get to Albany, N.Y. Let Maureen know what you think. Her email is:
From Facebook

Very Sincerely

Karen Copeland
229, 22100 Russell Road,
Ottawa, Ontario

Shame on Canada!

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