Thursday, March 10, 2011

Out of Balls in Halifax and Ottawa

March 10, 2011

Looks Like we are Out of Balls in Halifax and Ottawa

Chrystal Bruce put a letter she wrote up on Facebook.

If one letter is good, lots of letters are better, so if you are a Canadian MSer or the relative of a Canadian MSer, and you would like the option of doing something proactive for those of us with MS, then write and tell the Minister of Health in your area and Leona Aglukkaq in Ottawa that it is your body and it should be your choice to have yourself checked out for CCSVI and then treated for it should the tests show venal blockages.

I did. Here is my letter to the two ladies (and I sent a cc to Deb Matthews as well.)

Dear Leona and Maureen,

Being as how you are both female, we don't expect balls. We expect more than balls. We expect strength and compassion and intelligence and logic.

Our female predecessors did not fight as hard as they did for our rights to end up back where we started - non-people with no rights, nothing but chattel because women like you appear to have relinquished your strength and compassion and intelligence and logic to what? Stephen Harper? Big Pharma? Puffed up, pontificating neuros who know nothing about MS? I have come to expect this from Conservatives but, Maureen, this is disgraceful conduct from an

What conduct? Your treatment of MSers in general and that of Bill and Donna Peart in particular.

You talk about safety. Doing nothing is about as safe as a skier hit by an avalanche who finds he has no broken bones after his fall but, gee! He is buried under 20 feet of snow and can't breathe and there is no help on the way even though you know he is there. If you were that skier, you would want someone to help you. Not doing so is negligence. Death by negligence is murder. Death by negligence and for profit is murder of a higher degree. We cannot prove the profit angle yet but the circumstantial evidence is there and we're working on the hard copy evidence. There is no statue of limitations on murder.

Your time in office is not guaranteed beyond the next election. Right now, our time with MS is guaranteed for life. You ladies have verbal diarrhea on the subject of safety when it comes to venoplasty but you ok the use of drugs that already have killed people and are experimental and have already proven themselves useless as a treatment for MS. There is no logic in your arguments at all. There is no intelligence in your arguments at all. There is definitely no compassion for the MSers in your constituencies at all. There is no strength coming out of your offices at all. Abuse of power- yes; strength - no.

This is not a safety issue. Venoplasty is done daily in Canadian hospitals for other conditions. This is a power thing. If you need a refresher course on what happens to people who abuse their power, just turn on the evening news and watch the news out of the Middle East. Or you can check out our own history - go to the 1993 federal election.

Up until a year ago, give or take, I would not have wished MS on my worst enemy. That is not true anymore. Now I wish it on you. It seems to be the only way you will ever come down to earth and see what you are doing to those of us with MS. Then I hope you have to live with your own rules about it. Sadly for me, I do not own a genie in a bottle to grant that wish.

I can live for the day when I will see the electorate bring you down and then I can live for the day when I will see a judge's gavel put you away. Or I can live for the day you find some strength, some compassion, some intelligence and some logic on the subject of MS and CCSVI and venoplasty. You tell me which of those options I'll be cheering - Bill and other MSers being given back some quality of life or all of us cheering your demise.

Maureen, do something decent for Bill Peart and his family. Leona, do something for Canada's MSers. There, but for the Grace of God, goes you. Grace of God in matters of health is a fickle thing.

Very sincerely

Karen Copeland
MS dragonslayer
Ottawa, Ontario

Shame on Canada!

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